ESARA 1st World Meeting on Cosmetic, Reconstructive & Functional Andrology

Date and Time:

01/01/2021 9:00 am - 09/04/2020 - 8:00 pm

Events Location:

Hotel Grande Bretagne,1 Vasileos Georgiou A, Syntagma Square Str,Athens, 105 64,Greece

Total Seats: 200 (195 Left:)
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About TheEvents

Following all the developments with COVID-19, as ESARA main objective is for the safety and health of our community, ESARA has decided to postpone all training and educational activities. ESARA continuously monitors the situation and looking forward to staying connected during this challenging time; until we meet again in person.

The European Society of Aesthetic & Reconstructive Andrology – ESARA is delighted to announce   the first ever ESARA World Meeting that will take place in Athens, Greece.

Events Location:

Lecturers info

Dr Dimitrios Borousas MD FEBU

Dr. Borousas is a surgeon urologist, specialized in reconstructive urology and andrology.

He is a retired Master doctor of the Greek Navy, fellow of the European Boards of Urology, co-founder of AndroClinic, and an active member of the Sava Perovic Foundation (International Center for Corrective Genital Surgery).
He participates in many international conferences and training courses, as a speaker and trainer.

He is a founding member of ESARA (European Society of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Andrology), a member of the Hellenic and European Urological Society (HUA and EAU), a member of the European and International Society of Sexual Medicine (ESSM and ISSM) and an active member of the International institute of reconstructive Urology and Andrology “Sava Perovic”.

His main specialization is penile and urethral surgery, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the external genitalia (Peyronie’s disease, phalloplasty, congenital anomalies, sex redefinition), male and female urinary incontinence, male infertility and genital microsurgery.

Targeted Audience

Urologists, Andrologists, Plastic surgeons, Derma surgeons, Sexual medicine, nurses, medical students, practicing doctors

Event Curriculum

The aim of this International meeting, the first ever focused exclusively on Cosmetic, Reconstructive   & Functional Andrology, is to gather the world pioneers of Cosmetic & Reconstructive Andrology   under one roof in Europe. The meeting will be comprehensive and attendees will have the chance to   interact and learn all the tips and tricks from the lecturers. Various techniques on Reconstructive,   Functional & Cosmetic Andrology will be reviewed, debated between experts and experiences from   all world continents will be discussed. Do not miss this opportunity to learn by the world best   discussion about, but not limited to, Liposuction, Body contouring, new advances in Penile   reconstructive surgery, new advances in Penile aesthetic treatments, male surgery prosthetic   procedures; such as penile implants, tensile implants, buttock implants; and penile injectable   treatments for erectile disfunction and Penile enlargement (Augmentation phalloplasty)

Event Learning outcomes

Following the completion of this world meeting all attending delegates should expect to be able to   upscale their relevant knowledge on the subject matter, as well as advance their everyday practice   by offering upscaled & up to date treatments & services. And not to forget to mention the receipt of   the relevant CME accreditation for the meeting