Dr. Vladimir Kojovic MD, PhD


Vladimir Kojovic is a surgeon and Urologist, Assistant Professor at University of Belgrade. He is a specialist in urology and child surgery. Dr. Vladimir Kojovic also works as an assistant in the Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade. He has over 18 years of surgical experience during which he performed over 3,500 different surgeries. During his training he has worked in numerous clinics in Italy, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States. He specializes in genital reconstructive surgery and sex change surgery, trained by the pioneers of the field worldwide, the famous foundress of Belgrade's Genital Surgery School, Professor Sava Perović.

Dr. Kojović received his doctorate in Medical Sciences at the University of Medicine in Belgrade on surgical treatment of the narrowing of the urethra. Due to the nature of his work Dr. Vladimir Kojovic is able to treat both children and adults.

Dr. Kojović is the author and co-author of a large number of world-renowned journals and numerous book chapters on the subject of genital surgery and he has received numerous prizes and awards in international urology. He also actively participates in numerous educational courses transferring his vast experience to colleagues in the country and abroad. 
Dr. Kojović is a member of various professional associations such as the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH), the European Association of Urology (EAU), the European Society for Sexual Medicine (ESSM)

Founder & CEO of Andromedic Academy
Certified Trainer of numerous, well known, international companies
Author of several methods of aesthetic correction of vulva and penis
Holder of Bortnik Foundation's grant for the development of unique technologies in the field of reproductive science 
Holder of ANTI-AGING BEAUTY TROPHY 2014 for the best clinical result in minimally invasive vulva correction
Lecturer at the School of Professor Yutskovskaya

The quality of sex life, determines the quality of life in general, and I know how to improve it!
My scientific and practical interests:
Plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery
Sexual dysfunctions
Male infertility
Anti-age medicine