Dr. Evgeniy Leshunov

MD plastic surgeon, urologist

Dr. Evgenii Leshunov is Urogynecologist and Plastic Surgeon. His medical practice in aesthetic gynecology and Anti-Aging medicine is in Moscow, Russia. Dr Leshunov has extensive experience in aesthetic gynecology, genital surgery, and laser medicine. He is a member of the European Urology Society, the WOSIAM World Society of Anti-Aging Medicine and the European Society of Sexual Medicine. His medical interests are sexual medicine and genital beautification.
Member ISAAM, European Society for the Study of Aging Men
Member of RSU, Russian Society of Urology
Member of the society of "Men's health"
Member of PAAR, Professional Association of Andrologists of Russia
Member of the ESSM, European Society of Sexual Medicine
Member of WOSIAM, World Society of Interdisciplinary Anti-ageing Medicine
Department of Urology and Andrology Russian Medical Academy of Continues Professional Study.
Scientific Director of the Euro-Asian Association of Specialists of Aesthetic Medicine
Board member of ISRAIT, International Society of Reconstructive and Aesthetic Intimate Surgery
Certified Trainer of numerous International companies
Author of several methods of aesthetic correction of vulva and penis
Holder of Bortnik Foundation's grant for the development of unique technologies in the field of reproductive science 
Holder of ANTI-AGING BEAUTY TROPHY 2014 for the best clinical result in minimally invasive vulva correction
Lecturer at the School of Professor Yutskovskaya and actively participates in international and interregional specialized events.
Research interest:
Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic surgery of the urogenital area in both men and women. Male and female sexual dysfunctions. Male infertility.