About us

The European Society of Aesthetic & Reconstructive Andrology | ESARA is a leading professional organization focused on cosmetic, reconstructive & functional andrology. ESARA is located in Europe with its activities being worldwide, in all seven continents, and with its board directed by world renowned physicians, pioneers in their field, with expert knowledge on the subject matter.

ESARA focuses in actively promoting and advancing Aesthetic & Reconstructive Andrology by providing professionals with specialized educational & training services, by actively participating in innovative medical advancements; being technological or medical; as well as by actively informing the general public on available therapies and treatments.

ESARA through its activities aims

Intensively develop, promote & outspread knowledge related to its subject matter; Aesthetic & Reconstructive Andrology. This will be achieved through the provision of structured, informative & educational sessions, events, congresses as well as training courses, mainly targeted to medical professionals.

Facilitate and empower medical Innovation and the implementation of cutting edge surgical and non-surgical techniques related to Aesthetic & Reconstructive Andrology, objective being the improvement and replacement of traditional treatments and techniques.